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Incorporating a full-fledged, online level editor/sharing system to your game has never been so easy. Place **one** object in your room, change some variables to reflect your game, configure your database (it's easy - I'll walk you through it), and you're good to go!

Games can benefit greatly when level editors are included. Allow players from all over the world to make their own levels using your engine and share them in-game with others.


* A fully-working level editor that will take no time to get working with your own project.

* A basic top-down movement engine to test out your levels (smooth angular movement and camera system included!).

* Online database connectivity to upload and retrieve levels.

* Text input system with ability to censor passwords.

* md5 utf-8 hashing (with salt) incorporation to secure data.

* Ability to edit your levels at a later time.

* A list-view of levels - alphabetical, by date, or by letter.

* Level search by name or author.

* String splitting script to easily read tags and xml data.

* String explode script.

* URL encoding.

* Custom dialogue boxes.

* Faux 3D wall code.

* Instance count limiting.

* Level data authentication so only levels built within your editor will be added to the database (no URL forging).

* A fast and neat engine that is easily expandable.

* Extremely heavily-commented code so you know what nearly every single line does!

* And much more!

*Note, using this asset will require web hosting and/or access to a database. Setting up the database and configuring the necessary .php files are included.*


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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